Three Layer Disposable Mask Making Machine Guaranteed One Year

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: wellmark
Certification: ce
Model Number: 3l
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD110000/pcs
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Delivery Time: 7-21days
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Product Description

Three layer disposable mask making machine


High speed automatic one drag two mask machine (hs-pm01 outer ear belt)
The high-speed full-automatic one drag two mask machine is a full-automatic one-time plane mask production equipment.
Hs-pm01 outer ear mask machine can * produce disposable plane mask. After processing and production, it can meet the application requirements only after disinfecting according to the standard of surgical mask.
Common medical masks: composed of three layers of non-woven fabric
The inner layer is ordinary non-woven fabric;
The outer layer is a non-woven fabric with waterproof treatment, which is mainly used to isolate the liquid ejected by patients;
The filter layer in the middle is polypropylene melt blown non-woven fabric after electret treatment; * after production, it shall be sterilized with ethylene oxide and kept for 7 days for volatilization toxicity, sealed and packed for transportation.
2, Main functions
The production line is mainly composed of body machine, flap conveyor line and two ear belt welding machines. After the body machine outputs the mask body, the conveyor belt structure transmits the mask body piece to the turning mechanism. Turn the mask plate to the conveyor belt connecting the ear belt conveyor through the turning mechanism, and then deliver the mask plate to the front * of the ear belt conveyor through the conveyor belt, * place the mask plate into the mask plate of the ear belt conveyor through the air cylinder, and then the ear belt welding of the mask is completed by the ear belt conveyor, so as to complete the production of a flat outer ear belt mask product. The automatic line layout is as follows , the whole line is of one pull two structure
Figure 2: plane diagram of high-speed full-automatic one drag two mask machine
The line adopts PLC, touch screen control, single-phase motor transmission for main conveyor belt, step motor turning, transmission and stable control.
3, Main features
Good welding effect and low failure rate;
The production speed is high efficiency, which can reach 90-120 pieces per minute, and can be produced continuously for 24 hours;
PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;
Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste;
Friendly human-machine interface, equipment abnormal and material shortage alarm, screen guidance to deal with abnormal quickly.
4, Manual and equipment list of automatic mask machine
Mask body production machine; 2. Mask wiring Flap machine; 3. Mask ear belt welding machine
Technical specifications: 1. Working power: 220V, AC ± 5%, 50Hz;
The power of the whole line equipment is about 8.8kw;
Compressed air 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa, flow rate after primary drying and filtration: About 400L / min
5, Use environment
Working temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃, humidity: 5 ~ 38% HR, no combustible gas, no dust in corrosive gas workshop (no less than 100000)
The power of the whole line equipment is about 8.8kw;
Production efficiency 90-110 pieces / min (one for two layout)
Overall dimension of equipment is about 6800mm * 4800mm * 1990mm
Pneumatic components: SMC or AIRTAC, etc;
Servo system: Hechuan or Xinjie, etc;
Mitsubishi or Xinjie, etc;
Human machine interface: PLC programmable controller weinview or Xinjie, etc;
Sensor: Omron, Panasonic, etc;
Frequency converter; Xinjie, Futong, etc;
Ultrasonic component: 20kHz (or 15KHz);
Molding mold: standard factory reference disposable external ear mask industry standard
Medical protective clothing testing instrument: medical protective clothing blood penetration tester, medical protective clothing resistance dry state tester, medical protective clothing resistance wet state tester, medical protective clothing Flame Retardant Tester, medical protective clothing waterproof tester, medical protective clothing permeability tester, medical protective clothing anti blood penetration tester, medical protective clothing electrostatic attenuation tester, protective clothing friction charged Charge meter. Medical mask testing instrument: medical mask synthetic blood penetration tester, medical mask respiratory resistance tester, medical mask filtration tester, medical mask respiratory valve air tightness tester, medical mask flame retardant performance tester, medical mask gas exchange pressure difference tester.
6, Delivery instructions
During the current epidemic, there are many special temporary situations in the market, such as the large deviation of the specifications of the incoming materials, as well as the inability of the operators to be in place normally. As a result, the middle belt line of the automatic line is blocked or skewed, which affects the efficiency and leads to low production capacity and waste of raw materials.
The equipment delivered is changed as follows:
Replace the transfer link of transition belt that may cause failure in the middle * with manual feeding to the ear belt beating machine (Note: the ear belt machine is an automatic ear belt machine). Therefore, 2 feeding workers (4 in total) are required. This scheme reduces the failure rate by increasing labor. At the same time, the processing efficiency can be increased. The full capacity * of 24 hours a day can reach 100000-140000 (operation proficiency will affect the capacity difference).
Follow up delivery arrangement: after the outbreak, the company will provide technical services. Install the transition mask continuous Flap machine. Return to fully automatic production line.
Quality assurance and after-sales service
1. The whole testing machine is guaranteed for one year. Lifetime maintenance service.
2. When the testing machine arrives at your unit, we will send personnel to the site for debugging, and train operators for you free of charge.
3. We are always ready to answer your questions and keep contact Xi

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