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company news about Application range of hot melt adhesive

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Company News
Application range of hot melt adhesive
Latest company news about Application range of hot melt adhesive

The application range of hot-melt adhesive is quite extensive, covering multiple industries.

First of all, it plays a significant role in the packaging industry, commonly used for automatic carton and box packaging production as well as the bonding of various packaging materials such as food, medicine, beverage, plastic, metal, and more.

Secondly, hot-melt adhesive is widely used in the wood processing industry, including furniture manufacturing, floor production, door and window fabrication, and so on.

In the automotive industry, hot-melt adhesive is mainly used for bonding automotive interior parts such as dashboards, door panels, seats, etc., as well as in the production of automotive filters and the assembly of automotive lighting fixtures.


In the medical and health field, hot-melt adhesive is used to make medical dressings, surgical gowns, masks, and other medical supplies.

In the electronics industry, hot-melt adhesive is primarily used for the fixation and encapsulation of electronic components such as integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, and the like.

In addition, hot-melt adhesive also has extensive applications in the textile industry, such as in the production of seamless underwear, thermal underwear, and the adhesive lining of clothing.

Apart from the above-mentioned industries, hot-melt adhesive can also be applied in fields like construction, aerospace, petrochemicals, and so on. Specifically, it can be used for bonding various materials such as building materials, decoration, shoe materials, coatings, ceramics, lampshades, and EPE (expanded polyethylene) foam.

Different types of hot-melt adhesive, including hot-melt adhesive blocks, granules, strips, powders, films, and sheets, can meet the bonding needs of different industries and materials.

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