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company news about Industry Knowledge:Application scenarios and characteristics of hot melt adhesive

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Company News
Industry Knowledge:Application scenarios and characteristics of hot melt adhesive
Latest company news about Industry Knowledge:Application scenarios and characteristics of hot melt adhesive

Application scenarios of hot melt adhesives:


          Hot melt adhesive is a thermoplastic material that exhibits tackiness and bonding properties when in its molten state. Depending on the application, different compositions of hot melt adhesive can be selected. Here are some common application scenarios and their characteristics:

  1. Fabric Hot Melt Adhesive: Mainly used for manufacturing various shapes, hats, shoes, etc. Clothing made with this adhesive not only has a neat and full appearance but also resists shrinking after washing. Additionally, shoes and hats made with this adhesive are lightweight, breathable, and maintain their shape well. Especially in the shoe industry, it offers the advantages of comfortable wear and reduced shoe odor.

  2. Packaging and Bookbinding Hot Melt Adhesive: This adhesive is widely used for packaging and sealing various products such as food, beverages, instant noodles, cigarettes, beer, and pharmaceuticals through sealing machines. The bookbinding industry also employs hot melt adhesive technology, which not only improves binding quality but also significantly increases binding speed.

  3. Hot Melt Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive: Primarily used in female sanitary napkins, children's diapers, mattress pads, and incontinence products for the elderly.

  4. Multi-Purpose Solvent-Based Hot Melt Adhesive: Used in the production of various hot melt adhesive products such as sealing liquid crystal materials, wallpaper anti-forgery, calligraphy and painting, computer printing, food production date typing, wire and cable marking, etc.

  5. Automotive Air Conditioner Filters and Industrial/Residential Air Conditioner Filters: Both types of filters employ specific fiber paper for air filtration functions. The applications of hot melt adhesive in these products include fold edge stabilization, bonding of filter frames and filter paper, border filling, and sealing.

  6. Disposable Sanitary Product Industry: Hot melt adhesive, as an adhesive, does not contain organic solvents, has a fast coating speed, and is safe and hygienic. It is widely used in the disposable sanitary product industry that has direct contact with the human body.


The main characteristics of hot melt adhesive:


  1. It exhibits high bonding strength, suitable for bonding various substrates.

  2. The production speed is rapid, allowing for high-speed bonding of substrates.

  3. The bonding equipment is small, cost-effective, and easy to operate.

  4. The substrate to be bonded requires good heat resistance to avoid thermal decomposition during the bonding process.

          It is worth noting that hot melt adhesive exhibits tackiness and bonding properties in its molten state, thus requiring the substrate to have good heat resistance. Additionally, depending on the application, hot melt adhesive can be further classified into general-purpose hot melt adhesive and engineering hot melt adhesive. The former is mainly used in applications with lower requirements, such as bookbinding, shoe manufacturing, and bookbinding, while the latter requires high bonding strength and mechanical and physical properties, suitable for demanding applications in electronics, construction, automotive manufacturing, etc.


The above information is for reference only, if you need more information about hot melt adhesive, you can consult us


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