Hot Melt Jelly Glue For Box Making Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Wellmark
Model Number: GA555
Minimum Order Quantity: 3000kgs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 25kg/carton,1ton/pallet
Delivery Time: 1week
Supply Ability: 600ton/month
Detail Information
Color: Light Amber Main Raw Material: Industrial Gelatin
Brand Name: Wellmark Usage: Rigid Box & Book Binding, Hardcover Book,gift Box, Carton Box,photo Albums
Application Machine: Fully Automatic Rigid Box High Speed Machine Package: 2.5kg/bag, 25kg/carton Or Per Request
Dry Speed: Fast Dry Place Of Origin: Dongguan China (Mainland)
High Light:

hot melt adhesive glue


industrial strength hot glue

Product Description

Hot Melt Jelly Glue For Box Making Machine

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Product Description


This item of product is based on gelatin with corn starch as the main raw material, it is industrial fast-drying high-speed hot melt adhesives are mainly used in the mechanized production of paper boxes and hardbook case in paper packaging industry. When we making a good quality rigid boxes have to ready the cover paper and cardboard first,and use our hot jelly glue put into the glue tank of Automatic Gluing Machine or Automatic Rigid box making machine to heating it ,then can gluing the cover paper first and position the box on the cover paper, wrapping and folding into inside of boxes ,after pressing the aire bubbles out well and have a beautiful Rigid box, etc.


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Jelly Glue is as transparent as jelly. The difference is that jelly has no elasticity, while jelly is elastic. It looks like jelly. Everyone likes to call it jelly. Pectin can also be called Guwei gum / granular gum / removable gum / fixed gum / circular gum / transparent seamless gum. In fact, the same jelly is non-toxic, tasteless and no residue. It does not leave any residue and does not damage the surface after use. It is commonly used in industrial product packaging. In particular, temporary packaging, to the customer's hands and then disassembled without damage to the surface, no residue, the surface of the glue can be kept clean and can be used many times. The materials used for jelly and packaging are as follows: [glass surface] [paper surface] [wood surface] [plastic surface] [sponge surface] [water pine] [polystyrene foam plastic] [metal material] [pressed particle] [PvC] [cloth surface]= = applicable scope includes: [wall cloth attachment] [printing attachment] [paper and PVC positioning] Gift positioning [Handicraft pasting] [Toy pasting] [Gardening] [Temporary pasting of color cards and film] [Fixing of book and periodical attachments] [Fixed exhibits] [Signboards], etc. The color of jelly is transparent! It's ready to use! Trackless shift! No damage to the surface. Moreover, after separation, there will be no glue residue on the adhesives and no damage to the surface of the adhesives. It has five kinds of viscosities: 1: ultra-low viscosity - best positioning with one-off temporary fixing 2: low viscosity - positioning with temporary packaging 3: medium viscosity - positioning with temporary packaging 4: high viscosity - can be fixed for a long time 5: super viscosity - can be permanently fixed and generally stored at room temperature from 10 degrees to 40 degrees, can be. The temperature is 70 degrees.




color status Solid content viscosity speed Softening Temperature Packing storage temperature storage life
amber yellow blocky structure 55±1% 3500±50cps






5-28℃ 6 Months







Product Application

this kind of glue normal use for all kind of Automatic Gluing Machine or Automaic Rigid Box Making Machine to make different Rigid box & book binding, gift box ect.


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Hot Melt Jelly Glue For Box Making Machine 2


Hot Melt Jelly Glue For Box Making Machine 3


Usage method

when use it pls put this glue into the glue tank of machine,and add with 5%-10% hot water also, setup the water temperature of glue tank of machine between 70 centidegree to 80 centidegree. After waiting the glue complete melting, the stirred rubber is in the same state and fluidity as water, while guaranteeing that its viscosity is suitable for the viscosity required for production. Then it can be produced.


Product Features


This glue can be coated with thinner glue on paper

This Glue is good fluidity on glued drum

This item glue suitable for high-speed machine production and use

This Glue is good Viscosity to Various Paper Surfaces

This glue is easy to clean and odor free


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