Hot EVA Glue Use For Make Mattresses

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: wellmark
Model Number: WM-21S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000kg
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: carton and pallet
Delivery Time: 1-2days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000kg per one week
Detail Information
Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives Usage: Mattress Adhesive
Main Raw Material: EVA Name: Industrial Animal Glue
Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate(EVA) And Resin Viscosity: 1800±200CPS/170℃
High Light:

Hot EVA Glue For Make Mattresses


Mattress Adhesive Hot EVA Glue


Mattresses Use EVA Hot Melt Glue

Product Description

Hot EVA Glue Use For Make Mattresses




Product use: This glue is used for mattress adhesive


Product features: This product has the advantages of good fluidity, high viscosity and strength, smokeless and tasteless


Suitable material: All kinds of craft products.


Applicable models: all kinds of rolling gluing machine and glue spraying machine


Applicable environment :0 to 60℃


Recommend Operating Temperature: 160-170℃


Softening Point: 84±5℃


Viscosity: 1800±200CPS/170℃


Storage: Warehouse is clean, well ventilated, < 50 ℃, 50-65% RH, avoid direct sunlight and close to the source of heat (fire), avoid mixed servoir with organic solvents



Brinell Viscosity- Temperature graph

Hot EVA Glue Use For Make Mattresses 0



Trends in research and development of pressure sensitive adhesives:


1: Waterborne polyurethane pressure-sensitive adhesives will become the development direction of pressure-sensitive adhesives in the future because of its environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics; the cost is slightly higher than that of acrylic acid, which is generally used in relatively high industries;


2: acrylic emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive and acrylic solvent pressure sensitive adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive has poor water resistance, moisture resistance and heat resistance, so improving these properties is very important, otherwise it is difficult to replace solvent type pressure sensitive adhesive.


3: Solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives are widely used in the field of functional pressure-sensitive adhesives, such as industrial insulating tapes, because of their good production performance.


4: Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are the development direction of pressure sensitive adhesives in the future, while rubber pressure sensitive adhesives have not made great progress in recent years.


5: Non-aqueous dispersive pressure sensitive adhesives are used to prepare pressure sensitive adhesives with special properties, such as pressure sensitive adhesives with good impression.


6: Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


This pressure-sensitive adhesive is a pressure-sensitive adhesive when it contacts the surface. After a period of time, it can improve the cohesion and obtain the strength of similar adhesives by heating curing, anaerobic curing, cross-linking agent solution, photo-cationic hardening and UV reaction. However, the problems of long curing time and storage stability need to be solved.

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